Einsatz und Vermietung historischer und moderner Fahrzeuge mit Schwerpunkt Audi, Porsche und Gruppe-B-Rallye

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Ihle GmbH
Sommerhaldenstrasse 26
D-70195 Stuttgart
mail [at] ihle.eu






Ihle Motorsport: Historic Rally vehicles

We rent vehicles for car dealerships or exhibitions and driver for demonstration rides. Original works rally cars like the Audi Sport quattro S1 or the Porsche 953 Paris-Dakar have every opportunity to catch your eyes.


2018-07-04_Eifel Rally Festival

The VW Golf Bimotor (1986 4th place) and the Audi quattro ex John Buffum (1983 place 1) are for Ihle Motorsport the motto "Pikes Peak" of this year's www.eifel-rallye-festival.de from 18 to 21 July good represented. At Shakedown on July 19th, the auctioned ride in the Bimotor Golf will be held for charitable purposes with driver Jochi Kleint.

2018-06-15_Group B rally legends at the Wachauring

At www.gr-b-rallyelegenden.com from 6.-7. July 2018, Ihle Motorsport will compete with the Opel Manta 400 ex Vatanen.

2018-06-14_VW Golf Bimotor from 1986 in the Autostadt

On the occasion of Volkswagen Motorsport's participation in the Pikes Peak mountain race on June 24, Ihle Motorsport will be exhibiting the 1985 and 1986 operation vehicles in the Volkswagen Pavilion in the Autostadt

2018-05-25_Even more charity rides

Interested parties can also take part in the Audi quattro A2, the 1983 Pikes Peak winning car with John Buffum, at www.prowin-rallyesprint.de on 10 June 2018. Here, too, all proceeds benefit a charitable purpose.

2018-05-24_Maxlrainer Oldie-Feeling

For the Maxlrainer Oldie Feeling near Bad Aibling on May 31, 2018, Ihle Motorsport will provide the Audi Sport quattro S1 for charitable rides.