Audi Sport quattro group B

Audi Sport quattro group B

This vehicle is one of only 22 group B competition cars developed by Audi sport and the second one used in a world championship rally. It was homologated on May 1st, 1984 with Nr. B 264.

It carries the “Matter” number “RS05” and has the chassis number 85ZEA905105. It was registered on April 10th, 1984 with the German license plate IN-NL 2. Audi Sport entered Michèle Mouton and Fabrizia Pons with this car for the Rally Acropolis and starting number 4 from May 28th to May 31st, 1984. The Rallye led across 2.266 km and 47 stages with 799 km. Unfortunately the ladies team had to retire after SS 14 with lost oil followed by engine failure, after they had already reached 2 stage wins and in SS2 the very first stage win of a Sport quattro in WRC.

Next event for the car was recce for Hannu Mikkola and Arne Hertz before the 1000-Lakes-Rally in Finland from August 26th until August 28th, 1984. Michèle Mouton and Fabrizia Pons were entered for this rally again with this car and starting number 7 by Audi Sport. The Rallye led across 1.420 km and 50 stages with 457 km. But again there was lack of luck. After a rollover in SS 21 the rally was over for the team.

Audi Sport repaired the car with a new roll cage (Matter Nr. 10.1984). Stig Blomqvist / Bjorn Cederberg took the car for recce before Rallye San Remo from September 30th until October 5th, 1984. From November 1984 it served for PDK test and endurance runs at Porsche Weissach. After the ban of group B end of 1986 the vehicle was sold to Dahlbäck Racing in Sweden. But there it was used only for display and run never again for the next 3 decades.

The current owner bought the car from Dahlbäck in January 2009. After a thorough ground-up restoration until April 2016 it is now fully operational and is presented occasionally in European rallies. First event after the restoration and 3rd rally for the car was the Lavanttal-Rallye in Carinthia in April, 2016 with Harald Demuth driving.

Technical specifications:

Engine: Turbocharged, 5-cylinder, aluminium, in-line
Turbo: KKK K27
Capacity: 2,110 cc (x turbo factor 1.4 = 2,954 cc)
Power output: 470 BHP (346 kW) at 7,500 rpm
Bore / stroke: 79.5 x 85.0 mm
Torque: 469 Nm at 5,500 rpm
Injection: Bosch Motorsport Motronic 1.2
Power transmission: Permanent 4-wheel-drive
Clutch: Double-plate dry clutch
Gearbox: All-synchromesh 5-speed manual gearbox
Front differential: Limited slip differential with visco coupling 75%
Centre differential: Torsen limited slip differential 100%
Power distribution: 50% front, 50% rear
Rear differential: Friction plate limited slip differential 75%
Tires: Michelin 26/64-16
Rims: Compomotive 9 J x 16
Weight: 1,075 kg empty
Dimensions: Length 4160 mm, width 1790 mm, height 1344 mm