Opel Manta 400 Safari

Opel Manta 400 Safari

The history of the Opel Manta 400 as a rally car started with the Corsica Rally in 1983. The homologation number of this type was B237. This car is 20th of a total of 38 cars, has the internal number RM 20, was named “Achmed” by the mechanics and built by the Opel Rothmans Rally Team in Rüsselsheim, Germany for the East African Safari Rally in Kenya. It was registered with license plate GG-CT 206 for Adam Opel AG. For 1983 it was the test car for the Opel Team and 1984 the recce car of Rauno Aaltonen. During the rallyes it was used as chase car.

After Safari Rally 1984 the car was sold to the Kenyan-Indian rally driver Rajeev Khanna und registered with license plate KWH 240 und VIN 58-D-6067820 on August 13th, 1984 for Harpal S. Choda in Nairobi, Kenya.

1985 entrant H.S. Choda entered the car with driver Rajeev Khanna (IND) and co-driver John Venier (GB) for the East African Safari Rally from 4th to 8th April in Kenya. But starting number 72 was forced into retirement by an accident. Reason for retirement for starting number 3 Rajeev Khanna on the 6th Himalayan Rally from 24th to 29th October in India was an engine problem on the penultimate day while leading the event.

1986 entrant H.S. Choda entered the car again with driver Rajeev Khanna (IND) and co-driver Danny Ferrao for the East African Safari Rally from March to April 2nd in Kenya. Unfortunately starting number 37 did not finish again. On the 7th Himalayan Rally in India starting October 27th, 1986 with starting nr. 4 over 2.840 km he led as in the year before but retired on day 2. In 1987 he had more luck. On the 8th Himalayan Rally from Oct. 27th until Nov. 1st he and co-driver Sawhnay Rajan achieved 5th place overall with entrant H.S. Choda.

On July 2nd, 1990 the car was sold to Arif Ahmeh in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania and registered with license plate TZD 4864 for Motor Tracks Ltd. in Dar-es-Salaam. On October 14th, 1992 it was transcribed to another company of him; Molenveld Travel & Tours Ltd.

2011 the car was spotted by Ralf Antweiler on Molenveld Travel in Tanzania. It returned to Germany in 2012, where it was built 29 years ago. Another restoration took place in 2011 on Autohaus Wolf in Rockenhausen, Germany. The car is now back in the condition and livery of 1983.

Harri Toivonen, brother of Henri Toivonen drove with this car in July 2013 the Eifel-Rallye-Festival in Germany. Harald Demuth entered the Tuscany Rally in Nov. 2014.


Technical data:

Body shell: by Matter as a Safari-body shell, i.e. for example double side walls

Made from kevlar: bonnet, wings, wing enlargements, trunk lid

Made from polyester: doors, rear-, side- and door panes

Output: 272 PS (200 kW) at 8.700 rpm

Displacement: 2.420 cm³

Bore/stroke: 95,2 x 85 mm

Carburetors: Weber 50 dual carburetors

Oil supply: dry sump lubrication

Tank capacity: 80 liters in the boot

Gear box: Getrag 5-speed-racing gear box, 2.33 – 1.00 ratios

Drive line: rear wheel drive, limited slip differential

Brakes: 4 discs with AP Lockheed calipers with 4 pistons

Tires: Michelin

Rims: on the front max 8J x 15, on the rear max 10J x 15

Weight: 965 kg without drivers and fuel

Dimensions: length 4,463 mm, width 1.770 mm