A rally of nostalgia

A rally without timekeeping and scoring? That may sound strange at first, but that is precisely one of the many special features of the Alsace Rally Festival. At this rally, the focus is not on the competition, but on the legendary cars and their stories. These are originals, replicas and other vehicles that have written national and international rally history.
Except for small details and components concerning the safety of the drivers, modifications to the vehicles are not allowed.
Spectators can marvel at the cars on various demo tracks from 25 to 27 August 2022. There will also be an autograph session.
Team Ihle Motorsport will travel to the event with an Audi 200 and a VW Golf Bimotor.

More information about the Alsace Rally Festival can be found at http://www.alsace-rallye-festival.com/index.php/de/.